Scissor Sisters' next album is "pretty dirty".

The group are currently in the studio working on their long-awaited third LP and frontman Jake Shears says much of the material was inspired by German sex parties.

He said: "It began happening when I moved to Berlin for three months. I thought, 'I need to go out, take a bunch of drugs and have fun'. I fell in love with dance music again and stayed out until the sun came up going to these insane sex parties.

"I hear the songs and think, 'There's no other band who could get away with this stuff'. It's a pretty dirty record, even by our standards. At the same time, I can't wait to hear someone's grandmother singing along to it. Now that's subversion."

The 'Filthy/Gorgeous' hitmakers are looking forward to debuting their new songs, but admit they will be sad when recording ends.

Jake added to Q magazine: "We're having so much fun, I'm going to be sad when we finish. On the other hand, I'm chomping at the bit to get on stage and play these songs."