Glam rockers Scissor Sisters are celebrating the completion of their delayed second album TA-DAH by comparing the difficult record to child birth. Excited frontman Jake Shears is thrilled with the finished product, insisting he's as proud as a new dad, and is confident their studio labour has paid off. He says, "I'm completely excited. I feel like I've birthed a baby! "That would be the closest thing, it was very weird and painful but I think my baby is really cute! "The old rock cliché is very true, it's harder doing a second album, but that's why we took our time with it. "I'm really glad we did. I think when a record comes out people remember it if it's good, they don't necessarily remember that it came out four months after it should have." The album, the New York outfit's follow-up to their eponymous debut, features a collaboration with SIR Elton John.