New York group Scissor Sisters are thrilled that their unique brand of music has reached gay teenagers and helps them discover who they are.

Taking their songs into the mainstream is important for the MARY hitmakers because it means that it reaches the audience they are aiming for, and the response has surprised them.

PADDY BOOM says, "I grew up in a very small and close-minded town. The gayer side of music didn't make it to me. Doing something on this hugely pop level is exciting to me, it's important.

"You can't always reach the audience you want by being underground and indie."

Singer Jake Shears adds, "One of the best thing's that's happened over the past six months has been the letters I've got from gay teenagers.

"I get a lot of emails saying they've been inspired and it's helping them discover who they are, which has been really great."

01/11/2004 10:39