Scissor Sisters have returned to their roots for the recording of their eagerly-awaited second album - band member Babydaddy's apartment.

The New York disco rockers recently returned home following an extensive tour in support of their eponymous 2004 debut - but they were united in their desire to keep working hard.

And instead of seeking out the latest state-of-the-art recording studios, the LAURA band decided to return to the venue where their mega-selling debut was born.

Singer ANA MATRONIC says, "The first album was recorded in Babydaddy's apartment… So we've started the second one, and we've gone back."

"We're pretty much in there every weekday… It's only been two weeks since we've been home (from touring), so it's early days, but everything so far is going pretty good."

17/05/2005 14:04