Scissor Sisters star Del Marquis has revealed that he started his solo project so he could stand out as an individual.

The US band – which is fronted by flamboyant singer Jake Shears - have enjoyed much chart success with songs such as Take Your Mama and I Don't Feel Like Dancin'.

However, guitarist Marquis said it is hard to be recognised creatively in a band with so many larger than life members.

Speaking to Attitude, he said: "It's just that there are so many big personalities in the band, and I had a burning desire to do something that only spoke of me and my interest.

"It's not about being ignored. I love them, but it's important, if you're going to come back to that, to do some of your own projects."

He has recently been working on a series of EPs, with collaborations from the likes of Basement Jaxx and JOAN AS POLICEWOMAN.

The band announced last year that they are to write songs for a musical version of TALES OF THE CITY.

12/02/2009 11:59:43