Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has ruled out a future collaboration with Madonna, because his celebrity pal Kylie Minogue would "kill him".

The flamboyant LAURA singer wrote and produced Minogue's latest hit I BELIEVE IN YOU last year (04), and claims he's too loyal to the diminutive Australian to work with her chart rival Madonna.

Shears says, "I think Kylie would have my head on a plate if I worked with Madonna. Really, I'm not interested in collaborating with her, I love Kylie too much.

"We had a real ball and I have a massive crush on her. She's just a really amazing, funny person and really cool. I didn't meet her until we went in the studio but we hit it off. Now I'm planning to go to England to watch her tour.

"I haven't met her boyfriend (Olivier Martinez) yet, but I hear he's gorgeous."

08/02/2005 02:55