Scissor Sisters singer ANA MATRONIC has launched a scathing attack on British pop star Rachel Stevens, claiming the former S CLUB star has the "personality of a piece of toast".

The feisty New Yorker was horrified to see the tiny Londoner pose as BLONDIE star Deborah Harry for the front cover of a UK men's glossy last month (SEP04).

Matronic says, "I was really offended by that picture of Rachel as Deborah Harry and RICHARD what's-his-face (Richard X) as the members of the rest of Blondie. It was reducing them to five guys behind a hot chick when they were an amazing band.

"I think Rachel Stevens impersonates people for a living. That girl has the personality of a piece of toast. I would rather hang out with terrorists than her."

28/10/2004 09:19