Scissor Sisters star Ana Matronic is celebrating after her stepfather was given the all-clear in his fight against prostate cancer.

The singer was plunged into despair earlier this year (13) when her mother's husband was diagnosed with the deadly disease, and admits the family feared they were "going to lose him" in May (13).

However, he has since made a recovery and the Filthy/Gorgeous star admits he is finally getting better.

She tells Britain's Ok! magazine, "It's been hard. We thought we were going to lose him back in May. He has since been given the all-clear, but he's still fighting the side effects of the treatment he's been having to get rid of the cancer."

Her stepfather's diagnosis brought back painful memories for the star, whose mother battled skin cancer when the singer was just a child, and she admits performing with the band has helped ease her agony.

She adds, "When you have a job like mine and you get on stage and see the expressions on people's faces who are so happy to see you, it makes you think of the joy you bring other people. That helps to relieve my pain. Performing on stage has helped me through some of my darkest moments - and I've had a few of those."