Pop star and fervent gay rights campaigner Ana Matronic has called for protesters to target Gambia over the African nation's leader's "outrageous" homosexual slurs.

The Scissor Sisters singer is disgusted after learning President Yahya Jammeh branded gay people "vermin" who should be stamped out like "malaria-causing mosquitoes" in an extraordinary rant this week (ends21Feb14).

She is adamant his remarks were unacceptable and predicts it will not be too long before "international attention" turns on Jammeh over the incident.

Asked if his comments will make Gambia a target for pro-gay protests, she tells the U.K.'s Channel 4 News, "I think with an outrageous statement like that, it will be. I think only in the last few years have any African countries come to the fore on the world stage politically, and with these kinds of incidences there will be a lot more international attention focused on them, definitely."