An aspiring actor is suing producers at The Weinstein Company over his role in horror parody sequel Scary Movie 5.

Michael Trigg donated $100,000 (£58,823) to charity to win a small speaking role in the 2013 movie, starring Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, but he only got to say one word and producers warned him the scene could be cut from the final product.

Trigg complained to producers at The Weinstein Company, led by brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, about his small screen time and they allegedly agreed a $40,000 (£23,529) refund if his scene was eventually cut.

His donation, made through online auction site, also allegedly guaranteed a one-on-one chat with Harvey Weinstein, which Trigg claims never materialised.

According to, Trigg is suing the company for breach of contract and misrepresentation.