Scary Movie 3 actress Jenny McCarthy has sworn of ever using Botox again, after the cosmetic procedure ruined her ability to smile for her latest book cover.

The blonde beauty posed with a model baby for her parenthood book BABY LAUGHS, and was horrified when her recent cosmetic injections froze her face.

Of the cover she says, "After I saw this picture I was like, 'Great!' I put (the Botox) in right before the photoshoot because I'm getting old.

"They had to do it in five different places. It paralyses (facial muscles) for about three months, but burns and stings."

A now Botox-free McCarthy explains of her reasons for having the procedure, "I'm a girl, I'm insecure. I never took myself as the prissiest, prettiest woman alive. I got my own problems."

05/05/2005 09:11