Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway are hoping to show their less-famous peers how important it is to vote by forming a high-profile political awareness group.

The group is being set up by politically-aware TV star Amber Tamblyn, the daughter of TWIN PEAKS star Russ Tamblyn, who is keen to get PRESIDENT GEORGE W Bush out of office.

THE PRINCESS DIARIES star Hathaway admits she has learned a lot from chatting to Tamblyn.

She says, "I'm voting for John Kerry and I'm a staunch anti-Busher. Right now I'm trying to kind of get to know the ROCK THE VOTE and DECLARE YOURSELF organisations.

"Obviously my own personal belief shouldn't influence my passion for how I believe that young people need to get out there and vote. I believe everybody needs to get out there and vote, and become very engaged and aware of what the issues are that are out there.

"I've been getting to know Amber Tamblyn, and she's starting a little organisation for young celebrities, who are interested in politics, so I've been talking to her quite a bit. It's fascinating."

14/04/2004 01:51