The Avengers star was raised in New York by her parents, but her mother spent a lot of time in California managing her daughter's career and her father was in charge of providing for them at home.

"...My mom had moved to California and was kind of remotely there, and my dad was consumed by the responsibility of being at home with us and all that it meant to provide for us," she tells Playboy magazine. "My parents always struggled financially, so that was a huge burden for him. By the time we were 13, my brother and I were almost raising ourselves. I was still living at home and going to school and stuff, but I was working, and New York is - I was out and about and hanging out and getting into trouble pretty early on. Not too much trouble, thankfully. I self-regulated, but I could have probably gone really far down the rabbit hole had I not always had something guiding me."

And her hard work led to independence at a young age.

"I had a good work ethic," she says. "I had my own sense of self-preservation, and I made it to graduation and got my own place when I was 18."

Scarlett knows much of her ambition came from her childhood, but she also credits her mother for showing her how to juggle everything that comes with a busy career.

"My mom started managing me when I was about eight or nine," she explains. "She was kind of overseeing things prior to that, but she really started managing me when I was around that age - or maybe a little bit older, like 12. She did that until I stopped working with her when I was in my early twenties. My mom is very ambitious, and she's also good at multitasking. She has a lot of life force, my mom. I definitely inherited that from her. My dad is more - I don't know, I think my dad in a lot of ways is kind of a dreamer. He's such a creative person, but at times I think he can almost be self-limiting. Whereas my mom, I think, always saw a bigger picture, and I probably got that from her."