Scarlett Johansson is to take on the role of screen icon Janet Leigh in new movie 'The Making of Psycho'.

The 'We Bought A Zoo' actress will appear alongside James D'Arcy, Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren in the project, which will see 'Anvil!' director Sacha Gervasi at its helm.

'The Making of Psycho' follows Alfred Hitchcock's struggle to get the classic 1960 horror film made for just £800,000 when the genre was frowned upon by many Hollywood executives.

Despite the initial reluctance surrounding horror movies, the film - renowned for its terrifying shower scene - later went on to be nominated for four Oscars.

Many legends exist around the production of the three-minute shower scene, including Hitchcock's use of ice cold water to make Janet's screams more realistic and continuous pranks on her to keep her adrenaline high.

According to Variety, those behind 'The Making of Psycho' are hoping it will end up with the same level of success and awards nominations as Michelle Williams gained for 'My Week with Marilyn'.