Scarlett Johansson gets ''weird'' rashes.

The 'Hitchcock' actress initially wanted to train as a dermatologist and loves helping people with skin conditions, something she feels she can relate to, as she suffers skin complaints herself.

She said: ''I've had every problem, I always get these weird things [rashes]. At least I know how to cure them.

''When you help someone to heal their skin it gives them a new lease of life. Have you ever met someone with a horrible skin condition? I'm good with that.''

The 28-year-old beauty - who was previously married to actor Ryan Reynolds - added she gets a lot of her insider knowledge on keeping skin healthy from watching documentaries about it.

She told the February edition of Britain's Elle magazine: ''I'm pretty good at diagnosing other people. Fungal issues are pretty obvious. It usually an infection combined with poor hygiene.

''It comes from watching a lot of medial programmes. Real medical programmes, like documentaries.''