The photo hacker who managed to leak naked pictures of actress Scarlett Johansson onto the internet could face up to 60 years in jail. 35 year-old Christopher Chaney, from Florida, pleaded guilty to nine charges including unauthorised access to a computer and wiretapping. Although Johansson's case alone might've not have provoked such serious possible consequences, it's the fact that Chaney had managed to access the emails of more than 50 celebrities. The plea bargain means that he could also pay a fine of up to $2.2m as well as restitution to his victims, figures which range from $15,000 to $400,000, according to the Bbc.
Speaking on the subject previously, Johansson - who revealed the pictures were meant at the time for her then-husband Ryan Reynolds - said "I have confidence that justice will prevail and that the court will set a precedent for a 'no tolerance policy' in regards to identity theft, computer hacking and invasion of privacy."
It looks like that certainly may be the case, with the prosecuting lawyer Andrew Birotte commenting "This case demonstrates that everyone, even public figures, should take precautions to shield their personal information from the hackers that inhabit that dark underworld." This is the result of a year long investigation conducted by the Fbi titled 'Operation Hackerazzi.'