Scarlett Johansson sounded like 'a whiskey-drinking, chain-smoking fool' at the age of nine.

The 28-year-old actress joked that her deep raspy voice prevented her from getting work in commercials when she was younger because she sounded far too mature for her age.

She told Interview magazine's October 2013 issue: I was always terrible at commercials because my voice was so deep. At the age of nine, I sounded like a whiskey-drinking, chain-smoking fool. Wasn't going to sell Jell-O with that voice.''

Scarlett also joked that as a child actor she quickly came to understand crying would get her whatever she wanted.

She said: ''There was someone in my older brother's class who was doing some commercials and stage work so my mom took me to that kids agent because I loved musicals. They didn't want me though. I was devastated. I thought it was the end of my career...'' ''...And that's when I knew that by crying I could get whatever I wanted.''

While she first found fame as a child star, Scarlett didn't have the same success in school and achieved bad results in her SATs, the college admission exams.

She said: ''I think the way it worked when I took them was that they were out of 1,600, so maybe you'd get a 1,240 if you were a smarty pants. I got a 1,080, which was pretty low. But that was probably because I didn't answer half of the math questions.''