Scarlett Johansson likes to be a tourist when she has free time.

The 'We Bought A Zoo' star likes a break from her often ''intense'' work schedule, and admitted she enjoys experiencing different cities when she's filming.

She said: ''When I'm working, it's quite intense - sometimes you're at it for 16 hours a day - so, in my free time, I like to do the things I can't when I work such long hours: work out, go to galleries, enjoy whatever city I'm in.''

The 28-year-old actress isn't above spending all day in bed, although she also revealed her love for just relaxing around the house or walking in the park.

She told the Sunday Times newspaper's Style magazine: ''When I'm in New York, I love to go to the park with my dogs - I have a chiuahua, who's nine, and a little mutt, a dachshundy kind of thing.

''I also like to stay at home and do things around the house - cook, have people over, or just order Chinese and watch crap TV with my brother, Hunter, who comes over lot.

''My most proactive thing is going to the gym, and after that I might just sleep the rest of the day - that does happen!''