Following the Republican convention last week which saw Mitt Romney official accept the candidacy role to run for US President, it's the Democrats return with week in Charlotte. Such is the way of it with US politics that all eyes have avidly been watching the world of celebrity and trying to work out which way some of the biggest stars in the world are swaying. There's been plenty of furore over Nicki Minaj recently, with lyrics on recent song Mercry, released on a new Lil Wayne mixtape, suggesting that she was going to vote Romney. Another man definitely on Romney's side is Clint Eastwood, who attended the convention last week and became an internet meme sensation when having an imaginary conversation with Barack Obama, which made him look like he was just talking to an empty chair.
So with the Democrats turn this week, who is expected to turn up and give a show of support to the reigning President? Well, Scarlett Johansson could well be in attendance, whilst the Foo Fighters are also expected to play at some point this week. Kerry Washington is another actress expected to attend, although rumors of Natalie Portman's involvement have since been denied.
All three of the actresses - including the absent Portman - were vocal supporters of Obama four years ago; it's going to be interesting to see which celebrities have stuck with him though, with the President enduring a difficult first four years in term.