Scarlett Johansson has a high-maintenance beauty routine.

The 'Don Jon' actress claims she would ''die'' if she had to leave the house in under five minutes, but if she absolutely had to, her beauty must-haves would be concealer, mascara and bronzer.

Asked what she would do if she only had five minutes to get ready, Scarlett replied: ''Five minutes only? Wow. I think first of all... I would die! But I'd jump into the shower, dry myself, put on concealer, a bit of mascara and to give my skin a healthy glow I'd put on some bronzer.''

The sexy star usually prefers to spend more time under the shower, scrubbing her skin to aid the cell regeneration process.

Scarlett quipped: ''[I always] shower! I use a loofah because I like to exfoliate my skin daily. It's an integral part of my routine. I think it's important to cleanse your body and rid yourself of dead skin every day.''

The blonde is famed for her luscious lips and likes to set them off with a slick of ruby red lipstick.

She added in an interview with France's GLAMOUR magazine: ''Even if I'm not dependant on one product, I would actually find it hard to go without a tube of red lipstick. It's my must-have.''