LATEST: Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has delighted British TV funnyman Ralf Little, by announcing her crush on him.

The 19-year-old actress has been resident in England filming the upcoming Woody Allen movie, and Little first caught her eye when she watched the television comedies TWO PINTS OF A LAGER AND A PACKET OF CRISPS.

After hearing Johansson's comments about him last week (ends12NOV04), saying, "I have seen many pictures of him. I have to say I was quite taken with him and I was told he is very, very funny. But then I heard he began to train as a doctor and that was it. I knew I had to get to know him."

Little is enamoured with the Lost In Translation beauty.

He says, "I'm just a six-foot lanky northerner - I don't know what she sees in me.

"But of course I'd love to get off with her. Who wouldn't? I'll even get her drunk if I have to!"

Unfortunately for Little, Johansson is dating Jared Leto.

17/11/2004 14:18