Scarlett Johansson celebrated the Superbowl in Miami, Florida with Justin Timberlake and got extra lucky when she won a year's lease on a luxury condominium. The Lost In Translation star was shocked Saturday (03FEB07) when she had the winning key that won the $2.2 million (GBP1.1 million) home at the posh Flamingo South Beach resort. The 22-year-old was competing against several other celebrities in the drawing, including Robert Downey Jr, CSI:MIAMI actor ADAM RODRIGUEZ and Paris Hilton's ex MATT LEINART. Johansson's new home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and she intends to put it to good use. Her representative tells the New York Daily News, "She won the lease, (but) we made a decision that day to donate it to a children's organisation. "Possibly Miami Children's Hospital, so visiting parents have a nice place to stay."