Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson enjoyed starring in Woody Allen's new movie MATCHPOINT so much, she has asked for a part in his next film for Christmas.

The GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING star, 21, admits she would happily devote the rest of her acting career to the veteran director, because he is so humble and shares her sense of humour.

She tells PageSix.com, "I'm here for the holidays because New York's the absolutely only place to spend Christmas. Besides, my family's here.

"All I'd really like under my tree is a part in another Woody Allen movie.

"I'd work with him the rest of my life. He's shy but always available. Funny. No ego at all.

"And we have the same humour. We badger each other. For instance, when someone asked, in front of him, how I'd describe him he put in, 'The word genius can be used.'

"And I said, 'modest and humble.' I love him."