Scarlett Johansson is amazed by how easily most actors adapt to fame because she is still struggling to cope with the added pressure on her everyday life.

The 20-year-old Hollywood star is amused by people's assumptions she is down-to-earth because of the way she handles life in the spotlight - because they have no idea who the real person behind her public image is.

Johansson tells British film magazine HOTDOG, "I just don't think you can do any preparation for that kind of thing.

"It just starts happening and I think you always have a slight nervous breakdown because you're just doing the same thing you have to do all the time.

"It's just that you have to make these weird adjustments.

"And it's odd because people tell me I'm down to earth but they don't know me. I could just be a total prissy loser.

"But I guess I just don't adjust to anything. And it is an adjustment I need to make over time, but at 20 it's still pretty disturbing and I don't know how people do it.

"I've spoken to a couple of actors who say when it all gets too much they just take off for Hawaii."