Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson is sick of kissing ancient actors and is desperate to play saucy parts with hunky young stars.

The 19-year-old has endured sexy scenes with veteran actors BILLY BOB THORNTON, 48, in THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE, Bill Murray, 53, in LOST IN TRANSLATION and Colin Firth, 43, in GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING and yearns for less mature screen lovers.

Johansson confesses, "I usually have love scenes with older men and it would be nice to try it with a younger guy. But it's because I've always played maybe a few years older. When I did THE HORSE WHISPERER I was 12 playing 14 and in Ghost WORLD I was playing 18 when I was 15.

"I really do feel older. I don't really get on with people my own age. All the dinner parties I go to are with people over 40."

09/06/2004 13:30