Scarlett Johansson is often shocked by gossip about her, because tabloid reports make her appear "really saucy".

The Lost In Translation actress caused scandal last year (FEB04) when it was claimed she had enjoyed a love-making session with actor Benicio Del Toro whilst in an elevator after the OSCARS - which Johansson has refuted.

She says, "I don't talk about my personal relationships. It always ends up kicking you in the face.

"But I've read a lot of things about myself and think, 'Wow. That girl sounds really saucy'."

As for her relationship with boyfriend Jared Leto, Johansson comments, "I don't know that being in a relationship is a priority for me right now.

"Although there's always time for romance, you know. Otherwise you're dead on the inside."

14/02/2005 17:43