Scarlett Johansson fears she's annoying movie co-star Ewan McGregor with her constant probing into his charity round-the-world bike trek.

The Lost In Translation babe - who's currently shooting The Island with McGregor - was so impressed with the actor's achievement with Charley Boorman, she's purchased the book they've written documenting their adventure.

And Johansson has discovered a major advantage of reading LONG WAY ROUND at the same time as working with McGregor is that he's always available to answer her inquisitive questions.

She says, "I'm reading Ewan's book. It's really fun, and because I'm working with him I can bother him by asking him about it!

"What's great is there's nothing patronising about it; it's not like, 'I took a trip and this is what I did.'"

And she's ridiculed theories McGregor grew a beard on the trip to make a wild fashion statement.

She adds, "I don't think it was intentional; I think it just happened. He's one of those men who have to shave every day."

21/12/2004 21:22