Scarlett Johansson poked fun of troubled young stars on comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live at the weekend (13Nov10) - offering them tips on how to stay out of the tabloids.
The blonde beauty hosted SNL on Saturday night, and began her opening monologue with a rant about classless young celebrities.
She then offered advice to stars eager to stay out of the headlines, including always wearing underwear, snubbing reality shows and how to avoid a sex tape leaking.
She said, "You may not have seen me in a while because when I'm not promoting something I try to stay out of the tabloids. I'm not perfect but I've found there are a few simple ways for a young celebrity to keep a low profile. Like for starters, wear underwear. I mean, why wouldn't you? It takes seconds to put on and it's comfortable. Underwear, it's your friend."
She continued, "Another way to keep cameras out of your life: do not have a show where you're followed around by cameras - that's an easy one. And if you make a sex tape, you are not allowed to act surprised when it ends up on the internet. Sex tapes are like takeout soup containers, they always leak. And if you are desperate to watch yourself have sex, use a mirror. They're like cameras that forget. It makes me wonder why celebrities can't keep it together these days."
And Johansson had the studio audience rolling in laughter when she was joined by Kristen Wiig as Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina and Abby Elliott as pop star Ke$ha for a rendition of Class from the musical Chicago.
The trio ended Johansson's rant singing lyrics: "There ain't no ladies now/There's only pigs and whores/And even kids'll knock ya down/So's they can pass/Nobody's got no class!"