Scarlett Johansson would work with quirky movie-maker Woody Allen all the time if she could - because she loves his filming schedule.

The LOST IN TRANSLATION star, who was Golden Globe nominated last week (ends16DEC05) for her role in Allen's new film Match Point, admits she's never had so much fun on a film set because the director made sure no one worked longer than 12 hours a day.

She says, "He shoots 10 or 12 hours a day and he won't shoot past a certain time because it interferes with his dinner reservations.

"I never saw Woody off set when we were shooting in London because he was so busy trying out restaurants. I think he went to 87 restaurants, or something, when we were there."

Instead of shooting and reshooting scenes day and night, Johansson found herself with a lot of time off: "I went to the Tate Modern museum about five times. There's plenty of shopping to be done in London - unfortunately for my accountant.

"I would go out to the theatre or go to restaurants. I have family there."