LOST IN TRANSLATION star Scarlett Johansson decided it was time to quit Los Angeles and return to her native New York City when she was photographed buying tampons and toilet paper.

The sexy actress moved away from the Californian city earlier this year (05) because she got sick of the paparazzi following her every move.

She says, "I love LA, it's very beautiful, the weather is beautiful. But I just got sick of being photographed buying tampons so I had to move. It was awful. It's very hard to be glamorous when you're buying toilet paper.

"It's unbelievable. You're looking over your shoulder all the time. You think you're paranoid, but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean somebody's not following you with a giant camera."

Johansson was also attracted back to the Big Apple because she finds it easier to lose photographers on the street.

She explains, "It's so crowded and there's so much going on that it's much easier to be anonymous there. I know that sounds crazy. Also, I know the streets really well so I can kind of go hide in a speakeasy, or something like that."