The re-release of ultraviolent flick Scarface in American cinemas this month (SEP03) is thanks to the influence of urban music stars Snoop Dogg, SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and Eve.

The hip-hop heroes were recently filmed paying tribute to the film and, in particular, to Al Pacino's wildman character Tony Montana.

And, according to American website PAGE SIX, producer Martin Bregman is delighted, because he's always wanted to reissue the 1983 movie, which also stars Michelle Pfeiffer and was directed by Brian De Palma.

He says, "Recently, Def Jam did a tape of P Diddy, Snoop and Eve talking about what Tony Montana meant to them. I've been trying to get it rereleased for years."

09/09/2003 21:13