Review of Sound The Alarm Album by Saves The Day

Saves The Day
Sound The Alarm
Vagrant Records

Saves The Day Sound The Alarm Album

After a year in the wilderness, Saves The Day deployed the adage 'Better the Devil you know', by re-signing to Vagrant records in order to be able to release their fifth and most throbbing album. Chris Conley's soul-felt cries take on greater pangs of passion in 'The End', to deliver lyrics that more than likely sum up the way the guys felt during their time in music's wilderness;

"Cut off my flailing limbs, pawn off what's left within. Land of the living dead, time to face the end."

Rumbling Green Day guitar riffs provide a catchy distraction from the from the downtrodden nature of 'Shattered' that brings self-deprecation to a new level, something that only a band like Saves The Day can pull off, as they do it with such sincerity. Their ability to just pick up the pace and take off in a freewheeling rock fashion is displayed via 'Dying Day', showing why Saves The Day were striding alongside the likes of Green Day and The Foo Fighters for a period in their past. The troubles that this New Jersey outfit have grappled with since the dizzy heights reached by 'Stay What You Are'(2003) and 'In Reverie' (2001), seems only to make their woe releasing more accessible. Especially now that they fully harness the percussion pull of Pete Prada that rumbles volcanically in the likes of '34' and 'Bones'. 'Sound The Alarm' is exactly what those who like their music to be a bed of roses will do, upon hearing this focused return from Saves The Day.


David Adair

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