Save the Last Dance star Sean Patrick Thomas and his actress wife AONIKA LAURENT feel "blessed" to be expecting their second child after suffering a series of miscarriages.
The couple's first son, who they plan to call Luc, is due on Saturday (12Jun10) but Laurent admits her journey to become a mum again following the birth of their two-year-old daughter Lola Jolie has been long and painful.
She tells, "The problem hasn’t been getting pregnant, it’s been keeping the pregnancy. We were blessed to get pregnant and stay pregnant."
The stars recently celebrated the successful pregnancy with a baby shower in Beverly Hills, California, where they asked guests to wear butterfly clips as "a symbol of dreams coming true".
And Laurent is thankful to be given the opportunity to experience parenthood all over again.
She adds, "The biggest, most important thing we will ever do beyond careers is being parents... We are so grateful to God for Luc. After so many miscarriages, to be blessed with both a daughter and a son… we couldn’t be happier."
The couple wed in 2006.