Singer Monique Powell is taking legal action to win back the Save Ferris name after her former bandmates sued her for allegedly using the title without their permission.

Brian Mashburn, Eric Zamora, Bill Uechi, Brian Williams and Evan Kilbourne filed suit against Powell in June (13), accusing her of falsely promoting a July (13) appearance in California as a reunion gig.

The rockers asked a judge to ban Powell from using the Save Ferris name, but now she has filed her own complaint, arguing the band technically belongs to her.

She maintains the Come On Eileen hitmakers never officially disbanded, but that the others bowed out, leaving her as the only remaining member of Save Ferris.

According to, the frontwoman wants the court to dismiss the lawsuit and grant her full use of the Save Ferris name.

Powell joined the line-up in 1995 after original singer Adrienne Knolff quit.