Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes worried that `coming out' as a homosexual last year (06) would upset his female following. The Truly Madly Deeply singer announced he had 'married' his filmmaker partner Richard Cullen in an online message, and has since been pleased to discover his sexuality has made no difference whatsoever to his career. He says, "I was in an airport lounge, and I wrote a blog saying, 'I just want my fans to know that I married my boyfriend of two years.' And then I got on the plane. "I had no idea what the outcome would be. That was last year. I actually came out (in my private life) in 1998. "If anything it's made me more interesting. One of my biggest worries was that these women who bought my records would think that I had deceived them. "On the whole, it hasn't made a difference. Of course, there's been the occasional homophobic letter, but I can count them on one hand."