Saturday Night Live has proved that its profile is as high as it ever has been, by unveiling a formidable trio who'll be guest hosting three of the episodes during the Autumn season. The New York Times reports that Seth Macfarlane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig have all signed up to the long running comedy and entertainment show, the three gamely preparing to inevitably set themselves up all in the name of comedy and huge ratings - and to be fair, the latter is more than enough incentive to get them involved given the projects each has on the go.
MACfarlane will be first up, hosting the September 15th edition of the show, with his musical guest being Frank Ocean. Classy stuff. For MACfarlane, this will be more of a victory lap, given that his big project of the year, Ted has already done its business at the box office, and done so very well too. On September 22nd, meanwhile, Gordon-Levitt will also be seeing off a summer that's been successful for him too, with performances in films like The Dark Knight Rises and Premium Rush gaining him plenty of plaudits. His Snl musical guests will be the Mumford And Sons back with a new album to plug.
Plugging too will be Daniel Craig, who will appear on the show for his first hosting role on October 6th, just over a month before the latest James Bond film Skyfall makes its debut on November 9th. Fellow Brits Muse will be his special guests.