NATALIE PORTMAN stunned TV viewers in America on Saturday night (04MAR05) with a foul-mouthed rap in which she heralded her love for fighting and having sex. The actress discarded her good girl image for a skit on US TV show Saturday Night Live, in which she used a black and white rap video to tell America what she was really like. Angry Portman cursed through the gritty hip-hop tune and responded, "To drink and fight," when the chorus asked, 'What you want Natalie?" and, "To f**k all night,' when the tune quizzed her, "What you need Natalie?" The ultra-violent video also featured Portman beating up a pal, hurling chairs across a room, punching walls and smashing a bottle over her head. She ranted, "All the kids looking up to me can suck my d**k..." and "I'll kill your f**king dog for fun, so don't push me." Portman also poked fun at her Harvard University education, rapping, "When I was in Harvard I smoked weed every day, I cheated every test and snorted all that yay (sic)." During the STAR WARS star's hilarious SNL guest hosting stint, Portman also played a transgender woman, an amped-up smoothie cafe assistant and US ice skating heroine SASHA COHEN.