Bosses of American satirical show Saturday Night Live were left embarrassed by Eminem last night (30OCT04) when the rapper lipsynced through parts of his two performances on the show.

A week after Ashlee Simpson's miming fiasco made headlines, Eminem failed to keep up with his own guide track as he performed politically-charged MOSH and new hit JUST LOSE IT.

This came after guest host Kate Winslet poked fun at last week's (23OCT04) lip-syncing controversy during her opening monologue.

She said, "I'm thrilled to be hosting Saturday Night Live. I can assure you it is live because I'm hyperventilating a bit.

"I do however wish it wasn't the week after the Ashlee Simpson incident because now I really do have to perform live."

Winslet then showed off her tap-dancing and singing skills - to prove that the show was completely live.

Winslet's stint on the show was a hit - she played Norah Jones and a female DR FRANKENSTEIN in skits on the programme.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live writers further poked fun at Simpson when regular comic Horatio Sanz performed, 'Ashlee Simpson you're a phoney...' to the tune of Elton John's Tiny Dancer.

01/11/2004 10:47