Sarah Silverman wears ''air traffic control headphones'' to bed every night to drown out Michael Sheen's snoring.

The 46-year-old actress admits she has had to resort to drastic measures to avoid having sleepless nights due to her Hollywood star boyfriend's heavy breathing, but doesn't mind too much because she ''loves'' him.

When asked what keeps her awake at night, Sarah - who has been dating Michael since 2014 - replied: ''His snoring. It's really a problem. I have like air traffic control headphones. Noise-cancelling headphones.

''But sometimes it still bleeds through.

''What can I say? I love the guy.''

While Sarah's ears often take a bashing at night when she sleeps next to the Welsh actor, her chin once took a battering courtesy of her co-star Ryan Phillippe's fist after he accidentally bashed her during a scene.

She said: ''On a movie called a 'The Way of the Gun' where Ryan Phillippe beats me up, [on] one of the takes I think I leaned in or something and he accidentally connected.

''He knocked me off my feet, I had a huge egg here [points to chin].

''If I'd opened my eyes I probably would've cried, but he was already crying.

''I felt so bad, I was like, 'It's OK.'

''I think they used it though.''

When Sarah does manage to get some sleep through Michael's snoring she often has the same dream in which she is sitting on the toilet in a ''humiliating'' situation.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, she added: ''Very often I have to pack a suitcase, I can't find everything. It's one of those anxiety dreams.

''Then I have to go to the bathroom and I either am going to the bathroom and it's in a very public, humiliating place, or it's like filthy, or something like that.

''I don't know what that means.''