Sarah Paulson is terrified of cosmetic surgery.

The 43-year-old actress has not ruled out going under the knife completely, but she has admitted she may need some persuasion as she panics about it going wrong.

Sarah told online magazine Bustle: ''In my heart of hearts, I feel pretty strongly that I'm never going to. But I also am not at the moment where I look in the mirror and go [gasps].

''I don't judge anyone who does it. It's just, for me, I actually have panic. Some people's faces really take to it well, other people's faces do not. And you kind of don't know until you do it. As an actress who wants to work when I'm 80, if I mess it up in my early 40s, then I'm f***ed.''

But the 'American Horror Story' star - often dubbed a ''character actress'' for her strong supporting roles in film and TV - doesn't rely on her looks.

She said: ''I don't think my career has anything to do with the way I look, good, bad, or otherwise. If someone likes my face, they hate my face, they think it's weird, they think it's crooked, they think it's fat, they think it's skinny - whatever they think, I don't think I'm getting jobs predicated on my attractiveness or lack of attractiveness.''

Sarah won a string of awards, including an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice gong, for her performance as lawyer Marcia Clark in 'The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story'.

And she has revealed she keeps them all by her bed so she sees them as soon as she wakes up.

Sarah said: ''I keep [the Emmy] on a shelf that is in very close proximity to my eye-line when I wake up in the morning, I have them all there--I keep the Golden Globe there and the SAG there and the Critics Choice award there and the TCA award. I need to be reminded that it actually happened.''