After sharing a TV slot with Sarah Palin on the Today Show, Tori Spelling showed that she's not afraid of asking the important questions right when it matters. At the end of the segment, in which Tori showed off her party planning enthusiasm. Tori mentioned to Sarah that she couldn't imagine having four children (she is currently pregnant with her fourth child), let alone Palin's five. Sarah responded by saying "you're a real good example, good inspiration for others, Tori; accomplishing so much, you're having fun, you're living life vibrantly."
Tori responded by saying "I'm trying - that's the whole fun of it; you just go with it." Sarah listed the ages of her children, saying "It sounds cliche, but trust me, it goes by way too quickly. Our oldest turns 23 this month, our youngest turns four. We've got three girls in between and it goes by quickly." Then, just as the segment drew to an end, Tori held up one finger and asked "one more?" Sarah Plain looked flustered and said "ah, no - the grandkids will come next."