TODD PALIN, the husband of Republican politician Sarah Palin and father of Bristol Palin, has been accused of having an extramarital affair with a massage therapist by the American tabloid magazine, The National Enquirer. The publication claims it has official documents that state a 36-year-old woman was arrested for maintaining a house of prostitution and that police have confiscated physical evidence which could tie Palin to an affair.
The Enquirer states that a massage therapist named 'Shailey Tripp' was arrested and charged back in March 2010. She pleaded no contest on June 13th 2010 and according to the tabloid is due for sentencing on 15th June 2011. The New York Daily News further report that a woman of the same name is listed as a massage therapist in Wasilla, Alaska but that calls to the listed phone number were not returned. The magazine claims that the story first arose after several media outlets received an anonymous email claiming Todd had had an extramarital affair, the email allegedly states that tenants of the same building as the massage parlour, "saw Todd come and go often".
The National Enquirer broke the story of presidential candidate John Edwards' affair with a campaign videographer and last year they broke the story of Tiger Woods string of alleged infidelities.