Sarah Palin, the potential presidential candidate, rode on the back of a Harley-Davidson at a bike rally in Washington on Sunday (29th May 2011), reports NBC News. Sarah Palin, who could go head-to-head with Barack Obama at the 2012 Presidential Elections, attended the event with her husband TODD PALIN and two of their three daughters.
Palin showed up at the motorcycle rally for veterans clad in black leather, a black helmet and sunglasses. Speaking at the event, she said, "We're here to honour our vets". Palin rode on the back of a Harley-Davidson driven by an employee of the local Harley dealership. They rode near the front of more than 100,000 motorcycles, many of which were ridden by Vietnam veterans. Asked whether all her forthcoming public appearances would be that 'loud', Palin said, "Oh, it would be a blast if they were this loud, if they smelled this good. I love that smell of the emissions!" Sarah's husband Todd rode closely behind his wife, with their youngest daughter Pippa on the back of his bike. The family's route took them along the perimeter of the National Mall and ended near the Lincoln Memorial. A Vietnam veteran named Gus Caporale said, "I'm glad she got the experience", adding that he was happy Palin "came and respected what we were all about".
According to Fox News, Sarah Palin was asked whether she would run for president at the event, to which she replied, ""I don't know yet".