Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, invited the reality television star Kate Gosselin onto her own show 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' for the latest episode, but not everything went to plan as the pair took their families on a camping trip, reports Entertainment Weekly.
The episode began with the potential presidential candidate explaining to her children that Gosselin would be staying with them for a few days and Kate, who has eight children, later arrived in Wasilla, Alaska, ready for the adventure. However, trouble ensued almost immediately with Palin's father particularly scathing of Gosselin, saying, "She bitched from the moment she got off the plane", and the reality star herself later admitted, "I've never camped for real". Despite Gosselin's initial reservations, Palin attempted to motivate both families for the trip, saying, "We'll stoke the fire and stoke some fun!", but her efforts were ultimately in vain. Kate's complaints went on, "I'm worried about my toes, they're freezing" she said, before adding, "I've been bitten by bugs about 200 times. This is cruel and unusual punishment".
Eventually, enough-was-enough for Gosselin, who told her kids, "I held it together as long as I could, and I'm done now", before adding that they would not be spending the night camping as planned. The 35-year-old's children were reluctant to end the trip, which led Kate to tell them, "Okay, goodbye. You're now a Palin, not a Gosselin". However, the kids eventually followed their mother, and the family boarded a plane out of Alaska.