Sarah Palin is set to be caricatured on the big screen less than four years after the tumultuous events of 2008 which saw her become running mates with the United States' Republican Presidential candidate for that year's election, John McCain. The production was filmed last year ahead of its forthcoming release by HBO, and the network have just released a trailer for it that sees Ed Harris playing Senator MCCain, Woody Harrelson as one of MCCain's advisors and Julianne Moore in the main role as Alaskan Governor Palin.

Moore's likeness to Palin is startling; she's first shown on the trailer being called up regards her interest in the role of running mate whilst appearing at a fun fair. From then on however, critics including ABC have pointed out that the Moore-played portrayal of the politician doesn't come off favourably at all in what's quite clearly a left-leaning script. The movie, titled 'Game Change,' premieres on Hbo on March 10th and has been adapted from the 2010 book 'Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, MCCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime,' written by political journalists JOHN HEILEMANN and MARK HALPERIN.

Where that piece took in the 2008 election as a whole however, the forthcoming film will focus only on the relationship between MCCain and Palin; featuring such Palin-delivered moments like claiming that Russia can be seen from Alaska, as well as her proclamation that "I'm single-handedly carrying this campaign. I'm going to do what I want," it seems a little early to be making a biopic of a woman still very much involved in the political game in the State - there has as yet been no comment from her camp.