Sarah Palin was booed on Dancing With The Stars as she supported her daughter Bristol from the audience, reports the UK's Daily Mail. The controversial republican politician was in the studio for the second week in succession, but fellow members of the audience didn't approve.
Jennifer Grey and dance partner Derek Hough were awaiting their marks from the judges when boos began to ring out in the studio, confusing hostess Brooke Burke who said, "There's booing in the ballroom... I don't know why". However, the audience seemed to be responding to the fact that 46-year-old Palin was being seated off camera for an upcoming interview. Broadcaster ABC was quick to deny the suggestion, instead claiming that the protest was aimed at Grey and Hough's scores.
The interview with Palin eventually went ahead, and she told host TOM BERGERON, "This is amazing. It's so exciting. It's great to see all this courage and joy and exuberance by every dancer - it's awesome', before adding, "Bristol the pistol, that's who we are rooting for!" 19-year-old Bristol collected 22 points out of a possible 30 for her quickstep with professional partner Mark Ballas.