Piper Palin, the 10-year-old daughter of Republican politician Sarah Palin, slammed a Time Magazine photographer for getting too close to her mother, reports the Los Angeles Times. Piper Palin is accompanying Sarah on a tour of the East Coast, where the former Governor is expected to announce her candidacy for the Presidency or Vice Presidency.
Piper was by Sarah's side during her recent visit to New York, where she dined with the business magnate Donald Trump. Mother and daughter also appeared at a motorcycle rally, where Sarah rode on the back of a Harley-Davidson. Time correspondent Jay Newton-Small and photographer Dima Gavrysh had followed Palin's 400 mile bus tour through Washington DC, New York City and Gettysburg but the pair were slammed by Piper in Philadelphia yesterday (2nd June 2011). The 10-year-old didn't appreciate Gavrysh taking photographs and told him, "Thanks for ruining our vacation". Commenting on Piper's behaviour during her mother's tour, Yahoo News said, "The youngest Palin daughter, sporting an impressive collection of oversize sunglasses, has been at her mom's side all this week during the ex-governor's tour of historical sites, sometimes playing tourist, other times perfecting the fine art of giving the stink eye to reporters".
Piper Palin is the youngest daughter of Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin. The couple also have two sons, 'Track' and 'Trig', as well as daughters Bristol Palin and Willow.