The director of the controversial Sarah Palin movie, Game Change, has spoken to CBS News about the film, which aired on Sunday on HBO. Palin is played by Julianne Moore, who has told reporters that she engaged in a great deal of research before embarking on rehearsals for the film, to ensure that she was able to portray Palin's idiosyncrasies in a convincing manner.
Palin's sympathisers, however, have lashed out at the film's script writers, arguing that Game Change does not portray a fair representation of the events that occurred during the 2008 presidential campaign. Game Change's director, Jay Roach - along with the screenwriter Danny Strong - explained to Cbs that they made absolutely sure that the story used on Game Change was corroborated several times over, and was not just one person's take on the story, transferred to screen. "We were able to interview almost every character that appears on screen and several people within the campaign who don't appear on screen," said Danny Strong. "The stories that we heard were corroborated by 10, 12, 15 people so it was never just one or two persons' account of the event."
John McCain, who was running for the president for the Republican party during the campaign, has said that he has no intention of watching the movie, saying that Game Change is "based on a book that's completely biased, and with unattributed quotes." Palin herself has also said that would not be watching the movie.