Sarah Michelle Gellar's Hallowe'en scary movie The Grudge has scored another impressive week at the top of the US box office to keep acclaimed RAY CHARLES biopic from breaking in at number one.

After surprising film experts with a $40 million (GBP22.2 million) opening weekend a week ago (24OCT04), the remake of Japanese cult movie JU-ON remained on top with a $22.4 million (GBP12.4 million) second-week take.

The horror film has now made a total of $71.3 million (GBP39.6 million) at the US box office.

RAY came in second with an impressive $20.1 million (GBP11.2 million) opening weekend take and shock horror film SAW scared up $17.4 million (GBP9.7 million) to debut in third place.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman's controversial new film BIRTH failed to make the top 10 on limited release - it made just $1.7 million (GBP940,000) in its opening week to finish 11th.

01/11/2004 10:48