Sarah Michelle Gellar is set to play identical twins in a new US TV role starting tonight (13.09.11).

The 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' actress - who has appeared in a number of films such as 'The Grudge' since the series ended in 2003 - will star as Siobhan and Bridget in new show 'Ringer', which will see her feature alongside Ioan Gruffudd, Zoey Deutch and Mike Colter.

The programme tells the complex story of Siobhan, who is married to the rich and successful Andrew (Ioan) and appears to have a great life with him and his daughter from a previous marriage Juliet (Zoey).

In contrast, Bridget has recently witnessed a gang murder which the FBI wants her to testify in court but she attempts to seek refuge from her sister - who she does not get on with - because she feels her life is in danger.

In an attempt to settle their differences they go on a boat ride, which sees Siobhan disappear and Bridget then takes on her identity leading to a number of queries about where she has gone.

'Ringer' starts tonight (13.09.11) on US TV network CW.